tailor made wedding photography, with personalised service.


Choosing a wedding photographer is no different to choosing your dress, flowers, venue, cake, table settings etc – you want something unique, that reflects your taste and you want someone reliable who can produce the best quality and best service.

I like to work closely with my clients to produce work that is tailor made to their tastes and the reason why is simple, I genuinely love my job and I love happy clients.

I am a second generation Professional Photographer – trained by my father, a successful media and commercial photographer, from the days of film. Since 2013 I have been a fully accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography – this membership requires that members ;

  • pass a portfolio assessment by peers,
  • continue ongoing professional development,
  • adhere to a code of conduct
  • be fully insured and,
  • to conduct business in a professional and ethical manner.

Not all wedding photographers & portrait photographers belong – and that’s cool, but you should know that AIPP does not admit the fly by night, unskilled, unprofessional casual snapper to their ranks. AIPP membership is a mark of commitment and reliability. 

Amazingly I HATE being photographed – I feel really uncomfortable in front of a camera and this is something I have incorporated into the way I shoot – you see I understand what half of my clients feel (generally grooms) and I know how to work in a way that makes even the most reluctant subject at ease with the process – the techniques are simple but highly effective. I also shoot predominantly candid/fly on the wall images that often add an extra dimension to a couples day when going through their album.

The work of a professional wedding photographer;

  • Starts well before the wedding day – studying sample images, planning, checklists, timelines, knowing the venue and the individual clients needs and wants etc
  • The day itself requires a knowledge of how to highlight a persons features, years of experience, foresight, planning, the ability to overcome bad weather and unexpected issues and truly professional quality camera gear with a detailed knowledge of how to use it to avoid disaster.
  • After the wedding is as where true professionals make a real mark – editing, quality Photoshopping, quality airbrushing, presentation etc really are the icing and cherry on the cake and will make your images stand out.

Your wedding memory’s with wedding photography?

Coffs Harbour Wedding Photographer

I need to stress that I do not do “USB only” packages nor do I do $20 wedding albums and here are the reasons why.

Computer technology changes and can be corrupted, written over, outmoded and lost to name a few – further the final image quality is greatly affected by the viewing platform – brightness, colour, resolution etc are all different and poorly represent the work and time put into making a beautiful image. Good quality albums don’t get written over, accidentally formatted, made redundant through technology etc further the images look the way they should look i.e  spray tans don’t look orange,

Cheap albums are cheap for a reason – inferior quality, cheap paper, cheap binding, poor quality prints. Cheap albums tend to reproduce colour poorly and one of the biggest problems is that the beautiful spray tan goes from a nice tropical brown to carrot orange – great if you’re Donald Trump, not so great if you’re the bride. Cheap albums use paper with OBA’s or optical brightening agents – if you’ve ever looked at a week old newspaper or book and there is yellowing or browning on the pages and images that print has OBA’s – they make cheap paper look good for right now but not much longer. Cheap albums are often poorly constructed with covers peeling and the binding glues spill or let go causing pages to fall out.

Quality albums are individually made with quality goods – archival quality inks and papers (OBA and acid free), they are bound, covered, double checked and quality controlled by an Australian owned, Australian staffed, small business who’s future relies on the quality of the work they produce. Believe me – if I could produce an album at the local retail chain store I would but at the end of the day the album is my product and if you’ve paid quality money then you want a quality product at the end. In house album printing vouchers are included in every wedding package I provide.

Whilst I do keep regular business hours when it comes to wedding clients I am always available to help, if it is 3am on the morning of the wedding and there is a disaster I answer the phone. Further I keep in contact with clients after the wedding day checking that editing style is on the right course and asking opinions on various matters to ensure that you LOVE what you get.

Professional wedding photography in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales. Simon Whittaker has a uniquely beautiful photography style which brings out the most stunning wedding portrait photos. You will not find a better wedding photographer here in Coffs harbour.

If you have any questions, or want to discuss anything don’t hesitate to give me a call, I am more than happy to speak to prospective clients over the phone or via video conferencing.